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Design*Sponge’s Grace Bonney features a weekly Biz Ladies article for business owners with great tips!  Check out the archive for some inspiration and useful info!

This week’s article courtesy of Design*Sponge Biz Ladies and Allison Storm features free software available online from email marketing, virus scanners, photo editing to office software.

I’m going to also add for photo editing check out GIMP (stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program).  Its  free & available for all OS platforms and is similar to Adobe Photoshop.  I usually stick with Photoshop, but my BF swears by GIMP

GIMP screengrab

Also – I second Allison’s recommendation for Open Office.  1- Its free 2- it has a word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, database access, pretty much everything you need to start up / run your business without the cost or worry about licenses.  Its pretty compatible with regular commercial office software too.

Google has a beta verison of Google Docs – a web-based word processor and spreadsheet, which allow you share and collaborate online, which might be worth a look thru (its also free).  Use your gmail account to login.

— and as a note to the Open Source community – check out Linux’s Ubuntu OS – it might not be for everyone depending on your business, but it is free & certainly keeps the viruses at bay… (click here for the about Ubuntu page)

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