Color Medley

I’m totally a color nerd.  (And a font nerd, well, maybe just a bit of a nerd in general, but…) I really like watching the web, trade shows, design stores, and the world at large, for what the next super cool, must have color should be.

As Pantone has said, yellow is pretty much a “hot” color, its been around for a while, and its a great pop to neutrals.


© Pantone

Grey as neutral is another ongoing trend…


© J.Crew

Something surprising to me, is how much orange has grown on me.  It seems to be showing up everywhere lately.  I like it especially in the kitchen designs of Le Creuset and Kitchen Aid.  Its a bit unexpected and fun.

Le Creuset -

© Le Creuset -

Kitchen Aid -

© Kitchen Aid -

I’m also kind of into the idea of print as neutral.  Something subtle in the background where its not quite noticeable except as a fine detail, it kind of adds that extra luxe punch to classic designs…

Graham and Brown - Design Public

© Graham and Brown - Design Public

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