August Monthly Goals?

Hello September, goodbye August.  I am not ready for cool fall days just yet, but here in Chicago, it seems fall is coming early…

Here’s my Modish Month Goals list I set up for August & the feedback…

1. General Business meeting – finalize details for busi. cards, stationery, product lineup & packaging partly done,  working on the files to finish up the cards/stationery

2. CPA – get tax info / financial benefits to understand how best to move forward (& not get into any trouble w/ the IRS!) Researched a few places from Score biz website & around the web to get info on Chicago CPA’s… this will be an ongoing goal as we figure things out…

3. Follow up meeting w/ busi. card/stationery client – done

4. Research –  postage/freight, returns/shop policies USPS flat rate packages until be my started till we launch into bigger /  more time sensitive orders.  Working on the shop policy side still, work in progress.

5. Buying Day – this is kind of incorporated into the General Busi. Mtg, a general buying of supplies to get moving on the stock to create inventory and stationery things .  This is my fun / inspirational goal to get things moving in the right direction, without being too “business-y” Yeah this is done, I’ll post some pix of the fun papery stuff this week.

6. New paper feature on the blog – this is another fun goal to keep updated on whats new in the paper world and inspiration for new creative projects.  This should be a pretty easy goal! Yeah! This is done!

I’d say its a little less then half. Meh, Hope everyone at Monthly Goals Gals had a great month!

Sept. will be a hard one as we are working on some updating DIY around the house, so I might not accomplish as much as I’d like to. So, September, it seems you are here already & here’s my proposed goals.

1. Continue Paper Feature on blog – this was fun and keeps me updated on what fabulous papers are available for inspiration.

2. Shop policies – finish this up, not too much left from Aug, just need to write it all out

3. Biz cards/stationery continue from Aug. – finish the files up for printing

4. CPA/taxes – I really need to get this done, but its not the most fun thing on the list… I procrastinate…

5. Work on some holiday cards to send out for Owl and Bunny & for sale… – stay tuned!

Good luck to everyone for September – may fall inspire us all to work on fun new projects!

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  1. hello! i’m really digging your blog, think i’ll have to add you to my frequent reads list. seems like you have tons on your plate, all the best!


  2. Can’t wait to see your holiday cards! Good luck with your September goals.


  3. Hi Deb
    Thanks for your comments!
    Oh yes, I love the paper choice posts you’ve done, and I totally support you on #4, I am making myself keep up with spreadsheets and expenses this year, and I already know it will make life so much easier in April, so go CPA! And YAY fun new projects for fall!


  4. Wow, I wish I was as thorough as you are with your biz. I kind of just started and now I’m learning while on the run, which isn’t… that fun. 😛


  5. Pretty paper is one of the best parts of the stationery biz! Excited to see what you’ve found…

    I’m working on Holiday cards too. I’m finding it a little difficult to get motivated for this in the summertime, but it must be done 🙂 Good luck with your goals this month, Deb.


  6. I am constantly torn between work and DIY home stuff as well. We bought a fixer upper in November and…well…there’s lots of fixing-upping to yet be done. Good luck with September!


  7. Good luck with your list. The tax stuff is no fun but better to get out of the way while the CPAs aren’t super-busy. This is my first month doing the Modish goals and I’m feeling very inspired by everyone’s lists. Off to do some work…



  8. I love the paper feature too! I already hopped in on the Paper Mojo sale. They’re so good. Happy September goals to you!


  9. i’m struggling with the financial/legal details of my biz right now too. it seems like it starts too small to matter and then – wham! – it’s quite obvious that things need to be in order. best of luck to both of us on that goal!


  10. Posted by Deb on September 3, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Thanks for all the kind words!! Its so great knowing other people feel the same way 😀 Hope everyone has a great month!!


  11. Sounds like you are having fun…

    x Cheri


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