DIY – week 1

A little of topic from the usual paper fun, but here’s how we spent labor day (laboring) & whats been taking up much of our time lately…

Taking up the old carpet

Owl and Bunny

Oooh… lovely linoleum.

Owl and Bunny

Luckily under the linoleum there was the original hardwood floors.  The internets told me to try using a wallpaper remover steamer to pull up the linoleum quickly – it certainly worked!!  A LOT easier then a hairdryer & a scraper… The ‘elders of the internet’ also recommend making sure there’s no asbestos in the linoleum/glue before taking them up yourself…

Owl and Bunny

Except now we have to take all the glue leftover off the wood floor before we can sand it down… seems like the goo gone is working & it smells orangey.

Owl and Bunny

not done yet… more to come!


One response to this post.

  1. It looks like its going to be great when complete! I did this in my first house. I had padding stapled to the hardwood with, oh about, 74834871286 staples. It took many many hours with a screwdriver and ‘diagonals’ (side cutting pliers) to pull up all the staples. Its a good thing you are stripping the glue before sanding. The glue will clog up the sandpaper. They sell a stripper exactly for this purpose, its at the home center right near to the glue for the vinyl, it might be cheaper than goo gone.

    If you are going to sand yourself consider renting a vibrating type sheet sander. It uses large (12″x18″ maybe?) rectangular sheets. Its MUCH more forgiving. A traditional drum sander can dig its way into the basement if your not careful.

    If you need any more advice from “the elders of the Internet” feel free to drop us a line.

    Also, love the preview feature of your blogroll.

    Handyguy Brian


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