Monthly Recap

Hello October!  When did you get here?! September has been a very quick month with a lot of DIY projects and little time for much else…

Here’s the plan for October:

1. Do research on calligraphy class.  I’ve seen such beautiful stuff around the net & I’d like to check it out!  I’m a sucker for good penmanship…HA!

2. CPA/Taxes – stop haunting me.  I have to get this settled to open up shop!

3. More holiday cards/holiday paper designs.

4. More blogging – sometimes I post a lot, other weeks, not so much…

5. Work on some fun print projects inspired by Printing by Hand book by Lena Corwin.

and September’s recap: I did pretty good for Sept, mostly because I didn’t add much to the Sept. goals lists since we’d be working on the house!

1. Continue Paper Feature on blog Done, this is a fun goal!

2. Shop policies Done!

3. Biz cards/stationery continue from Aug. Done!

4. CPA/taxes – Urgh. Not finished… I still procrastinate…although I did get some library books to continue researching

5. Work on some holiday cards Done – started on some ideas, more to come!

Can’t wait to see how everyone from the Modish Monthly Goals meet up did!!  Good luck to all for October!

10 responses to this post.

  1. Why is the money part of damn difficult?! I hate that part of running a store. But for reals, if you haven’t already opened a bank account, yet do it! I feel so much better ever since I opened a shop bank account.


  2. Ooh, calligraphy sounds good. Beautiful hand-lettering is almost like a meditation when you look at it. Happy October goals to you!


  3. Budget, money, budget, taxes. So dreary and such a good thing to do. Love the calligraphy idea Happy October successes!


  4. Yay for crossing a few things off in September! Best of luck with that CPA in October. 🙂


  5. You’ll get the CPA checked off when you’re ready. I’m with you on blogging… some weeks are great. I hope you have a lot of great weeks this October!


  6. #2, ack! yuck! boo! hiss! but much necessary, oh yes. And don’t I know how hard it is to keep up with blogging? 😉 Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t do it as often as you’d like, but a few times a week is a good goal and once you get in a habit, it’s much easier.


  7. I need to get a CPA too. I can’t wait to see your calligraphy, I took a class in Junior high and wish I would’ve stuck with it.


  8. I second Jena’s boo hiss on #2! That’s a very longstanding, unfinished goal of mine too. I’ve been bad by leaving it off the list the last few months. . . . So with you on the blogging too. Some weeks it is just so hard.

    You did GREAT in September! Wishing you continued success in October–that calligraphy class sounds like tons of fun!


  9. Oohh, I’m so scared of taxes. What a stressful time. Hope that both you and I get it sorted out soon, lol! Good luck with your October goals. 🙂

    ❤ Jessica


  10. I wish I could just go somewhere, sit down with someone, and have them show me how to use Quickbooks. Because I am with you on #2. Its my major burden. Good luck to you on that.


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