Calligraphy classes in Chicago?

Why can’t I find you?  What I found so far were classes that were closed or already in session…

I checked out the Chicago Calligraphy Collective, which has some interesting sounding classes, but maybe more advanced then what I’m ready for?

Discover Center – which has mixed reviews, but is pretty inexpensive.

& Paper Source had one in Sept.

I also found this link from the Calligraphy Centre that lists some good books to start with and some basic info too.

© Calligraphy Centre

© Calligraphy Centre

I’m hoping to keep watch for a good class that I can sign up for in the next few months.  For now, it seems I’ll have to stick with self-taught trial & error.  Which should be interesting!  Anyone know of a good class /book I should keep my eye out for?  Thx!


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  1. Hi Deb! I just found your blog! There are one-time introductory calligraphy classes for $20 at They’re hosted through Dabble and have gotten great reviews!


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