Behind the Times – Nov/Dec Goals

First, let me say a BIG thank you to Jena to having the Modish Biz Tips Monthly Goals, I’m so appreciative of her knowledge and the friends I’ve met through the blog.  Here’s hoping to a passing of the torch for 2010!!

My Nov goals kinda got pushed to the side for holiday, but here goes anyway:

1. CPA/Taxes – :p I called some people, so moving forward, but not done yet.

2. Holiday cards/holiday paper designs – work in progress.  just working on the cards for O&B to send!

3. Work on some fun print projects inspired by Printing by Hand book by Lena Corwin.  Blog these! – WIP too, more to come soon (holidays willing).

For Dec, I plan to just continue w/ the same ones from November.  The holidays are here, and I’d like to be realistic.

My bonus goal revolves around making all the paper goodies for our Holiday Cookie Exchange (pix to come!).

Hoping everyone at the Biz Tips had a great November, and is off to a lovely wonderful holiday season!!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Good luck with December to you as well. I hope it is productive yet fun filled. Happy Holidays.


  2. Hey Deb Hope your last month of the year is great! I just opened the Lena Corwin book the other night for the first time, and can’t wait to start with some of her techniques and my ideas… but that has to wait till deadlines are done. Good luck with all your goals.


  3. I love this idea. Will this continue without Jenna? I am hoping so since I just found the website and love it.


  4. oh geez. I have to do the tax thing too! That’s great you’re making progress!


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