The Trendys

Stationery Trends magazine has announced the launch of the first-ever Stationery Trends Awards, “The Trendys.”  This new award will showcase the latest trends in greeting cards, gifts and all things stationery giving a voice to retailers and recognizing some amazing designers in the industry.

Manufacturers and designers submit their entries which will then be posted under the Vote page of the Trendys website.

Retailers and industry ppl can vote on the entries, w/ a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” for a month long window.  The categories are baby, greeting cards, bridal, green & office. The votes are tallied, and the Top 10 entries in each category selected.

After the Top 10 is chosen, the industry is invited to vote on their favorites of the Top 10 and a winner named in each category.

Winners will receive editorial recognition in an issue of Stationery Trends magazine, as well as an award to display in their offices! Pretty sweet.

February 22 is when voting will begin!

mark your calendars for Monday, Feb. 22 — when all entries will be posted and the first round of voting begins.

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