The Meetup Jan/Feb

Hard to believe it is the start of February already!  Time for the Meetup!

Last month I did a general 2010 goals list, so there’s not really a big recap, but here’s my update:

*Learning to cook better – successful work in progress, pumpkin muffins, sweet potato soup, brownies = yum!

*Networking – went to indiewed!  (info to be posted soon)

*Math – checking out some free Online courses

*Making more things and procrastinating less with the DIY house stuff – meh. ongoing.  Took down some ugly paneling in the basement & prepping to redo the walls/flooring sometime soon 🙂

For February goals –

*Bakery’s Half-Dozen class – I’ve noticed a few fellow Meetup people will be participating – yeah!! can’t wait for the class to start!!  I’m going kind of light on my actual goals so I can focus on the class!

*Custom communion invitation / thank you cards

*Continue general 2010 goals (Cooking/Baking, Networking, DIY) and getting better at posting about it!

How did everyone do for January?  Hope it was a great month & start to the year!!  Check out Athena Designs to learn more about the Meetup!

8 responses to this post.

  1. congrats on your January goals – cooking is something I haven’t yet decided to tackle, lol. 🙂

    the Bakery class sounds interesting, I’m curious to hear how it goes.


  2. Ooo, can’t wait to hear about IndieWed. I sell baptism announcements and they are one of my biggest sellers. I bet your communion invitations will be a big hit. Can’t wait to get going on the Bakery class. It’s such a relief to have a familiar “face” in the class. Here’s to a fantastic February! Angie


  3. Good luck with the Bakery class! I hope it’s a great help. And YAY! for getting rid of ugly paneling! DIY projects – so many of them are nothing but hard work – but the results are SO worth it! Have a great month!


  4. ok, pumpkin muffins and sweet potato soup! I’m coming over for dinner! Great idea to keep the goals light to make enough space for bakery… how’s the biz plan coming? I am actually feeling positive about working on it this week. Thanks for all the IndieWed info, great posts, and have a wonderful February!


    • Posted by Deb on February 3, 2010 at 7:15 pm

      the biz plan writing goes ok, mostly im trying to get some research done on market size/$/trends… that seems like it will take the most time! i’ve kinda skipped around to the easy parts first! how’s your plan going?


  5. Popped over from the Bakery. Yay you! 🙂


  6. I’m already behind on my biz plan…argh! How’s yours coming along?

    Good for you for getting some diy remodeling done…. that’s been on my unshared to-do list for sooo many months.

    Great February list- good luck!

    And Ooohhh… I LOVE your new business cards!


    • Posted by Deb on February 8, 2010 at 4:08 pm

      the biz plan seems to be ongoing. if i were to turn it in like homework, it’d get about an 80! i’m working on getting it completely finished this week, and the marketing coursework this week will be a big help! i’m mostly missing the administrative/operations sections atm, in my head they’re written, but not on paper! How are yours going now? I hope well! Good luck!!

      (thanks for your comment on the biz cards!!)


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