Chicago this weekend – Family Farmed Expo

Family Farmed Expo is a 3 day event of Chicago fans of locally grown and produced food. Check out their YouTube page here.

Featuring food & farming seminars, and cooking demos by awesome Chicago chef’s: Rick Bayless of Fronters Grill / Topolobampo / Xoco, Paul Virant of Vie, Paul Kahan of Acec, Jo Kaucher & Kim Gracen of Chicago Diner, and Gale Gand of TRU, its a pretty awesome lineup.

Saturday March 13th is the seminar, demo event open to the public.  There are some great workshops on gardening, herbs, buying local/organic.  It seems like an awesome way to prep your garden/shopping ideas & skills for spring!

Hours: Cooking demos start around 10:30am Sat. March 13 Click here for the full schedule.

Location: University of Illinois at Chicago – driving directions & public transit

You can order tickets online for $15 before the show!  Hope to see you there!

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