Family Farmed Expo Review

I think the best thing I’ve taken from the Expo, is just to get out there & do it – garden, grow some herbs & veggies and check out community gardens and the farmers markets.  There’s a lot to take advantage of being in Chicago, and I’m going to attempt to do a better job at it.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m not exactly what you’d call a “green thumb,” but I’m gonna try (and hope to succeed…)!

And I certainly have a ton of great info to start.  We attended the Growing and Using Herbs & Botanicals Seminar and got some great tips on container gardening from Nancy Pollard – U of I Extension (click the link for the U of I Extension site) like reusing a milk crate as a planter and composting info.  Also learned that I think I over-watered our herbs that’s prob. why they didn’t make it through the season.  Apparently they like to be well drained…

The Locavore 365 – Preserving Fresh Grown Food was a good introduction to freezing, canning, and root cellars. Very informative and we have a larger freezer, so I think we’ll try out some freezing of the abundant veggies and fruits when they come to season.    There’s a wonderful post on the Local Beet that has great information about the techniques – check it out here!

Vicki Nowicki who runs the Liberty Gardens site had a lot of great info too, and her site has some good info on classes and other goodies!

I also learned a bit about companion planting – like tomatoes & basil together to help naturally keep pests away, very helpful stuff!  In most of the seminars, it was standing room only!  So excited to see people are interested to learn more about gardening & organic foods.  I am very happy to have had the chance to check out the Expo!  What are your garden plans for this season?

DJ's compost bin - started '09


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