Wallpaper lovelies

Currently my bedroom walls are a buttery tan color – like this one at Restoration Hardware (lightest one of the paint colors in the pic below).  It’s a bit lighter on the wall then the pic and there’s a lot of light coming into the room that helps brighten it up a bit…. Which reminds me, I haven’t yet posted an update on our DIY project putting the new closet in!  It certainly doesn’t look quite like this anymore!  I find there are pluses and minuses to DIY projects – the biggest minus in my mind is sometimes you (well, I) don’t get everything finished in one weekend – which means the transformation takes forever… but it is still slowly getting done!  In the meantime, I’m scouring the net for furniture & wallpapers to buy!

© Restoration Hardware

I’m looking to add a little something extra by putting up wallpaper on one wall behind the bed.  I love all of the beautiful patterns from Graham and Brown!  It’s so difficult to choose which would work out best!  I love the first wallpaper, but the colors might not work so well with the buttery tan…. Hmm – got any recommendation for pretty wallpapers to check out?

© Graham & Brown

© Graham & Brown

© Graham & Brown

© Graham & Brown

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  1. I see what you mean, I love all the choices here.


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