Things I learned this weekend

1. How NOT to make macarons.  Well. I tried.  They looked OK, but they were hollow in the middle.  Grr, my fight with egg whites goes on.  According to this wonderful write up macaron how-to/troubleshooting, it appears I had “Too much air beaten into the batter during the ‘macaronnage’ ” (blog post by Mercotte).  Oh well, they tasted alright.  Besides, the best part of baking something new is trying it out – and y’know making lots of cookies till you get it right!  There’s always next time!  (Pictures to come, in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful photo from Tartelette & her recipes.  So pretty.)

© Tartelette

2. I love this Victorian Ornaments 2 typeface at Veer, the”of” & “and” symbols are super cute!

© Veer

3. I can’t wait for spring!  According to the weather forecast, it will reach nearly 70 degrees this week in Chicago!!  I am so excited for warm weather!

(p.s. here’s my pix from the macaron trial)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful, what flavour were the green ones? I’ve been contemplating making up some flavours of my own but am not really sure what bright pastel colours will correspond with flavours such as.. cinnamon, haha.


    • Posted by Deb on April 4, 2010 at 2:20 am

      ha! they were just vanilla w/ some green coloring, pistachio would be a good flavor, but it was my first try at macarons, i am excited for the next time. im hoping to get a good idea of a basic cookie shell & then experiment with some flavorings 🙂


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