Calligraphy Classes?

So, I’ve been on a search for a while to learn Calligraphy and I’ve had a hard time finding a place to learn.  Here’s my (semi)update:

The Chicago Calligraphy Collective and the Irish American Heritage Center are putting on a seminar: Introduction to Celtic Art
(All materials will be provided.) at the IAHC.  Cost is $15  (Deadline was April 10th… boo.  I’ll have to check it they’re still accepting registrations)

I came across the PerficalSense Studio via the Evanston Print & Paper blog and they have calligraphy classes too – sadly I missed the Intro class with Judith Joseph, but there’s a Sumi-e class May 15th & Judith Joseph also teaches classes at the Chicago Botanical Garden (starting in June from 10am to noon).  One to watch anyway for upcoming intro classes…

Anyone else have some luck finding calligraphy classes around Chicago?

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  1. I saw your comment on Twitter and I thought “What is Deb up to now” LOL

    You are always doing something new and interesting. I am waiting for you to announce that you are taking a letterpress class 😉


    • Posted by Deb on April 14, 2010 at 3:11 pm

      Ha! I’m hoping I can get into the Calligraphy class, should know soon if there’s any space left! Letterpress class would be awesome, there’s quite a few places around Chicago that offer them ~ have you taken a letterpress class? did you like it? 🙂


  2. No letterpress for me. I am overwhelmed right now with everything I have on my plate. Would love to take one some day. I still haven’t touched my sewing machine I got a month ago 😦


  3. Hi I Do have an experience that I can use to establish a calligraphy class but the thing is that ONLY I’m able to give class in Arabic Calligraphy. For those who did not know anything about it you can see it through this link.


  4. Hi. Nice Blog.
    Come and see what we are doing at Bill’s Space.
    Learn calligraphy on line.


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