Bazaar Flashbacks

This is Bunny -of  Owl and Bunny.  This is my first time writing on the blog, up until now the wise old Owl has been handling things.  Welcome to the Bunny side of life!  I will be writing a series of .. well something in the next few weeks.  What do you guys want to hear about?   I’m studying Letterpress printing, and am venturing into the wild world of Paper Making.  These things are capitalized, because they are important.

Just a few choice words about the recent Vintage Bazaar at the Congress Theater in Chicago.  While the heat inside the ballroom reminded us that Summer is not  finished with us yet- I will always welcome a complimentary DJ.  How much more enjoyable is anything and everything when there’s music.   Jet Set Vintage had beautiful housewares, and I wish my closet consisted solely of things found by Kimberly Oliva of Estate Chicago.  I enjoyed all the kind people selling at this event.

I always think it’s polite to ask any vendor if they mind photographs.  But I was surprised by their surprised faces when I asked.  Apparently, this is quickly becoming ‘a thing of the past’ (appropriately enough).  What do you think about that, is it still necessary or even polite to ask permission in a public space?   Although the merchandise belongs to the vendor, in this case it is also re-sale?   And, virtually every camera phone was in use already.   I would love to hear all your thoughts and experiences on this!


"..what beautiful piece should I buy next."



"Wait just one more minute, Henry."



Kimberly the Great, from Estate Chicago



Succulents! From the Bell Jar.



Think of the fun places you will go with this suitcase!



My favorite 'lil nightmare tray






keep it styled with Jet Set Vintage



Men love fake fur, perhaps a little too much?



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