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Gorgeous new mag from Nonpareil

Check it out for some beautiful DIY projects and inspirational photos!  I love seeing the fun and unique ideas at Nonpareil Mag.  They have such wonderful sense of style and color schemes!

© Nonpareil Mag


Sweet Spring Colors

Loving this pretty palette from The Perfect Palette!  Check out her site for a ton of beautiful color options and ideas!

© The Perfect Palette

The wonderful Snippet & Ink blog features beautiful color palettes with lots of pretty pretty colors and images!

© Snippet & Ink

What colors combos are catching your eye this spring?

Nonpareil Magazine

Issue two is now out – check it out for some beautiful designed wedding ideas, flowers, photography and DIY projects!

Maddy and Kristen do such a great job at providing fab content & showcasing wonderful work from the wedding industries!  I look forward to what’s to come!  (PS – there’s a place on the Nonpareil site to learn more about contributing).

Utterly Engaged

Loving the new issue of Utterly Engaged – what a great inspirational source!  If you haven’t already – check it out!

© Utterly Engaged

Martha Stewart Wedding Color Palette Quiz

This is a pretty neat website to help figure out your wedding color palette -click the image below to go to the site & take the quiz!!

© Martha Stewart Weddings

Pantone’s Fall Fashion 2010

Check out Pantone’s 2010 Fall Fashion colors

According to Pantone this is a color “palette of beauty and excitement with a blending of colors, some with similar undertones, in surprising and intriguing combinations. Inspired by the ongoing phenomenon of film animation, vivid colors are often juxtaposed in inventive ways, creating arresting and extraordinary color combinations.”

I’m digging the oyster gray and rose dust, endive and woodbrine colors shown in the color report!

Color Palette Expanded

I love color.  Truly, one of my favorite things to do is talk about color.  It touches so many aspects of our day and I am always inspired by the infinite number of combinations you can imagine. Yesterday, I put together two color palettes pulled from some images I had taken at the Chicago Botanical Garden and at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I really like the muted colors of the Museum Architecture board, so I’ve taken that one to the next steps –  finding some inspirational images and sketching out ideas to develop into an actual design.

From here, I like to check out decorative papers to consider what works corresponds for the style.  Should the overall design be more organic modern, or traditional?  Is size and texture of papers important?  What I’m looking for is really the “wow.”  Here are a couple of papers that speak to an organic modern style and a traditional style, without being overtly matchy-matchy with the color palette.

© Paper Mojo

© Paper Mojo

Both decorative papers have a little bit of whimsy, but they are quite different stylistically.

For a wedding, next I’d consider what details, dresses, and accessories would be chosen.  It helps to define the style without having to say it in words.  The first two beautiful pieces were found on Etsy, which is a hugely diverse source of inspiration.

© Portobello

© Little White Dresser

© JCrew

© Nicole Miller - Neiman Marcus

© J Crew