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Before and After

My sis (Laura) worked on this awesome curio cabinet she found, transforming it from a no-so-fab to super cool!  It now houses DJ’s vinyl toy collection.  (If you’re in Chicago, check out Rotofugi for some super cool vinyl toys, books, and more!)

(before & after)


Weekend Plans?

I am in LOVE with this website I found via Young House LoveKnock Off Wood!  I’ve been doing some heavy research into how I’d like to finish up decorating our renovated bedroom (which reminds me I should post the finished renovation photos!) and been really disappointed with the selections.  I don’t really want to pay $700 for a piece of veneered MDF board, that just seems crazy to me.  And while I’d love to work with a furniture designer to custom build something for me, $700 is still out of my $ range… so, to the rescue Knock Off Wood!

For those of you who don’t know Knock Off Wood is run by Ana White a furniture maker/blogger who loves creating super awesome furniture!  Really check it out, there’s so much great info posted its amazing!!

I’ve been searching for a bookshelf type piece and found a great plan inspired by Pottery Barn Kids.  Just might be the kick I need to break out some DIY skills.  Well, that and the fact that it will be nearly 40F outside tomorrow!!

© Pottery Barn Kids

© Knock Off Wood

New in 2010

Is this gift from Santa! (well, not really Santa…)

I’m not really sure how to use this guy, but its pretty awesome and I’m really excited to learn something new this year!  I hope to at least be able to hem my dress pants by the end of this year! Ha!  Any tips for a beginner?

Hope the holidays were great for everyone!!

DIY – weeks 2&3

Week 2/3 update of our DIY floor/bedroom closet:

Sanding the floors – we had an experienced friend take care of the sanding!!

This last picture is where we’re at now – another round of taping & we should be good to finish out the closet with some molding & shelves.  So excited!!

DIY – week 1

A little of topic from the usual paper fun, but here’s how we spent labor day (laboring) & whats been taking up much of our time lately…

Taking up the old carpet

Owl and Bunny

Oooh… lovely linoleum.

Owl and Bunny

Luckily under the linoleum there was the original hardwood floors.  The internets told me to try using a wallpaper remover steamer to pull up the linoleum quickly – it certainly worked!!  A LOT easier then a hairdryer & a scraper… The ‘elders of the internet’ also recommend making sure there’s no asbestos in the linoleum/glue before taking them up yourself…

Owl and Bunny

Except now we have to take all the glue leftover off the wood floor before we can sand it down… seems like the goo gone is working & it smells orangey.

Owl and Bunny

not done yet… more to come!