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Pretty Monogram Fonts

Loving the Barocca Monograms font from Tart Workshop!

Barocca Monograms

also by Tart Workshop and equally as cute is the Darling Monogram font

Darling Monograms

& a few monograms from MyFonts:

MFC Peony Monogram

MFC Manior Monogram

& a monogram font available at FontBros

Lace Monograms


Pretty Free Fonts*

Miss Brooks at Dafont

© De Nada Industries

NeoRetroDraw at Font Squirrel

© Font Boutique

Salaryman at Font Squirrel

© Rotodesign

Harabara Hand at FontSquirrel

© Andre Harabara

*make sure to review the licenses to make sure your intended use (personal or commercial) is covered!  There are so many pretty fonts out there – which is your favorite?


Script Fonts I’m loving

I enjoy searching for beautiful fonts & keeping up on what’s new – here’s a selection of the latest fonts I’m digging:

Adios Script at Veer

© Alejandro Paul

Nelly Script Flourish by Tart Workshop at MyFonts

© Tart Workshop

Raniscript by Stephen Rapp at Veer

© Stephen Rapp

Bounce Script by © Charles Borges de Oliveira at Veer

© Charles Borges de Oliveira

Affair by Alejandro Paul at MyFonts

© Alejandro Paul

Calligraphy Love

I am so totally enamored with calligraphy.  I am determined to sign up and take a class or figure out where I can learn in Chicago… here are some lovely calligraphers who’s work I completely admire:

Neither Snow:

© Neither Snow

E Danae Calligraphy

© eDanae

Tara Jones Calligraphy

© Tara Jones Calligraphy

Queen Quills Calligraphy

© Queen Quills

365 days of Ampersands

I love this website 300&65 Ampersands.  What a great way to see which ampersand symbols work for your project.  I love the symbol, I don’t know why, but it can be shown in so many different ways with such different personality!  Check out the website to view a daily “&” – there’s also a link to the font it belongs to and where you can buy it!

Here’s some fun examples:

© 300&65 Ampersands

© 300&65 Ampersands

© 300&65 Ampersands

Font Selection

I’m searching the web for some interesting fonts to add to my collection –

here’s what I’ve found so far:

Font Squirrel’s FontleroyBrown

Fontleroy Brown - Nick's Fonts

MyFonts Tupelo™

Tupelo (TM) by Philip Bouwsma

& P22 Zaner

P22 Zaner Pro by Paul Hunt

FontShops’s Fling™ Std Plain

Fling™ Std Plain by Michael Gills

Calligraphy classes in Chicago?

Why can’t I find you?  What I found so far were classes that were closed or already in session…

I checked out the Chicago Calligraphy Collective, which has some interesting sounding classes, but maybe more advanced then what I’m ready for?

Discover Center – which has mixed reviews, but is pretty inexpensive.

& Paper Source had one in Sept.

I also found this link from the Calligraphy Centre that lists some good books to start with and some basic info too.

© Calligraphy Centre

© Calligraphy Centre

I’m hoping to keep watch for a good class that I can sign up for in the next few months.  For now, it seems I’ll have to stick with self-taught trial & error.  Which should be interesting!  Anyone know of a good class /book I should keep my eye out for?  Thx!