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How does your garden grow?

We’ve been slowing working on the outside of our house and DJ almost finished putting up the stone wall & removed the sad bushes in front of the house – here’s some pix of our progress!

Early Spring

Early Spring

& here’s the wall being put in (what a difference the spring sun makes!)


& After!



Next up – the other side of the house… thinking of putting in a weeping cherry tree (a small kind though, so it doesn’t overtake the space.)


Bonus – here’s some of our garden pix for Spring

Spring - Raspberry

Spring - Strawberry

Spring - these will be carrots!

Hope your spring gardening has been going well!


Beautiful Tableware

My dinnerware is the miss-matched variety and lately, I’ve been thinking to streamline and put something more sophisticated together.  It’s hard to find just the right set that will stay relevant over time.  And might be able to go in the dishwasher — these are some I’ve got my eye out for (warning – some $$ may be required!).

© Vera Wang for Wedgwood

© Lenox

© Williams Sonoma

© HausProud (on Etsy)

© Corelle

© Pottery Barn

Wallpaper lovelies

Currently my bedroom walls are a buttery tan color – like this one at Restoration Hardware (lightest one of the paint colors in the pic below).  It’s a bit lighter on the wall then the pic and there’s a lot of light coming into the room that helps brighten it up a bit…. Which reminds me, I haven’t yet posted an update on our DIY project putting the new closet in!  It certainly doesn’t look quite like this anymore!  I find there are pluses and minuses to DIY projects – the biggest minus in my mind is sometimes you (well, I) don’t get everything finished in one weekend – which means the transformation takes forever… but it is still slowly getting done!  In the meantime, I’m scouring the net for furniture & wallpapers to buy!

© Restoration Hardware

I’m looking to add a little something extra by putting up wallpaper on one wall behind the bed.  I love all of the beautiful patterns from Graham and Brown!  It’s so difficult to choose which would work out best!  I love the first wallpaper, but the colors might not work so well with the buttery tan…. Hmm – got any recommendation for pretty wallpapers to check out?

© Graham & Brown

© Graham & Brown

© Graham & Brown

© Graham & Brown

Cocoa Brownies via Smitten Kitchen

It you haven’t tried these Cocoa Brownies from Smitten Kitchen – seriously, do it.  They are the best brownies ever.  I followed the recipe found here, with an exception for Earth Balance in place of butter with fab results.  Here’s some pix from my baking!

Vintage Buttons

I have a mild obsession with vintage buttons – specifically black glass buttons.  I love ’em, and frankly there’s just something special about vintage buttons – especially if you can find matching ones.  Here’s a few available on Etsy:

© Ollie Blue Sky

© thefaeriecupboard

© lilfishextras

& here’s a matching pair from my friend Kim at Estate Chicago, check out her newly opened Etsy store!

© Estate Chicago

I love seeing how vintage buttons can be transformed into new fun things –

© Atoms at Work

© onecoppercent

© Stelladesigns

What do you think?  Am I alone in my coveting of pretty vintage buttons?

Before and After

My sis (Laura) worked on this awesome curio cabinet she found, transforming it from a no-so-fab to super cool!  It now houses DJ’s vinyl toy collection.  (If you’re in Chicago, check out Rotofugi for some super cool vinyl toys, books, and more!)

(before & after)

Pumpkin Muffins

As part of my goals for 2010, I’m working on cooking more!  I came across this post from The Fresh Loaf on pumpkin bread and thought it would be a great way to use the pureed pumpkin I have in my freezer – a leftover from our CSA!  Here’s some pix of the process/yummy treats made into muffins!