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Works In Progress

Here’s a little teaser preview of some ideas I’ve been working on!

© Owl and Bunny

© Owl and Bunny


Things I learned this weekend

1. How NOT to make macarons.  Well. I tried.  They looked OK, but they were hollow in the middle.  Grr, my fight with egg whites goes on.  According to this wonderful write up macaron how-to/troubleshooting, it appears I had “Too much air beaten into the batter during the ‘macaronnage’ ” (blog post by Mercotte).  Oh well, they tasted alright.  Besides, the best part of baking something new is trying it out – and y’know making lots of cookies till you get it right!  There’s always next time!  (Pictures to come, in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful photo from Tartelette & her recipes.  So pretty.)

© Tartelette

2. I love this Victorian Ornaments 2 typeface at Veer, the”of” & “and” symbols are super cute!

© Veer

3. I can’t wait for spring!  According to the weather forecast, it will reach nearly 70 degrees this week in Chicago!!  I am so excited for warm weather!

(p.s. here’s my pix from the macaron trial)

Jumping In

After reading about RiverDog Prints experience at the Bakery e-class, I’ve decided to take the plunge and sign up for the BAKERY’s Half-Dozen: Six Weeks to a Tastier Business …. exciting and scary at the same time.

For those that don’t know, BAKERY is a collaboration between artist/blogger Jaime Derringer and blogger/publisher Erin Loechner.  They offer a variety of small biz assistance from start-up, self-promotion and social media.  It is a 6 week training course and classes start Feb 1.  I’m hoping to learn a lot, but I can’t help feeling a little bit not-ready… that’s normal right?!

You can register now if you are interested!

Snowflakes for the holidays

Making some holiday snowflakes to hang around the house… wish I was a better paper cutter, but they still are festive!  (Using “Snowflakes for all Seasons: 72  Fold & Cut Paper Snowflakes” book for inspiration)

(pile of snowflakes)

Holiday Inspiration

From photos of Germany -simple before & after

Owl and Bunny

Owl and Bunny

Holiday Ideas

Owl and Bunny

© Owl and Bunny

© Owl and Bunny

© Owl and Bunny

Here’s a couple of ideas I’ve been working on for the upcoming holidays.  Its really hard to believe that its almost time for holiday season again!  Laura and I are hoping to have these up in the shop to debut for the upcoming season… fingers crossed!

Food & Friends invitation

Here’s an invitation card I worked on for a dinner party

Owl and Bunny

© Owl and Bunny