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The Meetup – April/May

This year feels like it is flying by!  It is getting very pretty and sunny here in Chicago – time for the May update at The Meetup

For April here’s the score-

* Finish up invitations pkg for a communion Done (check em out here)

* Design Bday card (WIP – so sort of!)

* Design Baby Congrats / shower cards Done

* Start gardening for spring (fun goal!) Done.  More pix to come, yeah for warm weather and sunlight!

For May, I will be traveling quite a bit for my FT gig, so things will be a little light around here this month, but we’ll see what we can come up with!

* Check out some calligraphy books to learn on my own until I can find a class!

*Finish up B-day card ideas

*Organize inventory of supplies & setup work space

*Take lots of pix while traveling /gardening for the blog (easy & fun!)

How was April?  I hope everyone had a great month and is ready for the beautiful spring weather & feeling happy and motivated!

Want to participate in the Meetup?  Check out Athena Designs blog to learn more about the Meetup and to check up on what these great biz ppl are up to!


2010 Monthly Goals List

Welcome to 2010 – Happy New Year!!  I hope everyone had a great holiday& start to the year!

I really love participating in the Modish Monthly (to be continued at Athena Dreams), but I thought for January, instead of listing my biz goals I’d list things I’d like to do more this month/year in general.

*Learning to cook better (I’m especially inspired by the recipes & photos of Cannelle et Vanille, Sunday Suppers, Smitten Kitchen, the Gluttonous Vegan Loves You)

*Networking (love checking out Lara Casey’s Making Things Happen movement)

*Math eh, I’m not all that excited about that one, but its necessary and important – and apparently there’s some free Online courses from MIT even…

*Making more things and procrastinating less with the DIY house stuff (I wish I was as focused as Young House Love)

I hope everyone from the Monthly Biz Tips had a wonderful holiday & did fantastic for the goals/listing for January!

(this is what it looks like outside my window!)

Monthly Recap

Hello October!  When did you get here?! September has been a very quick month with a lot of DIY projects and little time for much else…

Here’s the plan for October:

1. Do research on calligraphy class.  I’ve seen such beautiful stuff around the net & I’d like to check it out!  I’m a sucker for good penmanship…HA!

2. CPA/Taxes – stop haunting me.  I have to get this settled to open up shop!

3. More holiday cards/holiday paper designs.

4. More blogging – sometimes I post a lot, other weeks, not so much…

5. Work on some fun print projects inspired by Printing by Hand book by Lena Corwin.

and September’s recap: I did pretty good for Sept, mostly because I didn’t add much to the Sept. goals lists since we’d be working on the house!

1. Continue Paper Feature on blog Done, this is a fun goal!

2. Shop policies Done!

3. Biz cards/stationery continue from Aug. Done!

4. CPA/taxes – Urgh. Not finished… I still procrastinate…although I did get some library books to continue researching

5. Work on some holiday cards Done – started on some ideas, more to come!

Can’t wait to see how everyone from the Modish Monthly Goals meet up did!!  Good luck to all for October!

July Recap – August Goal List

Well, I can’t believe July is over.  It FLEW by.  It was a half &half goal completion list for me.

(one of my distractions...)

(one of my distractions...)

Here’s what was planned for July from the Modish Monthly Goals meetup & my recap –

1. Print out business cards / stationery – Designed & ready to go, but waiting for final decision w/ busi. partner

2. Continue w/ lawyer/CPA to get situated to sell things on Etsy, craft fairs – continuing, not completed… want to focus on CPA for next month to figure out tax info…any suggestions for where to look for a great CPA in the Chicago area?  I heard the Freelancer’s Union was a good place to start searching…

3. Decide on product lineup for Etsy store – got ideas down, waiting for final decision w/ busi. partner.  I think a big “general business meeting” will finalize up some details to move forward.

4. Design packaging for products – got thoughts / $ comparisons, waiting for … see above

5. Meet with potential client for business card/stationery ideas (continuation from last month…) – done, now will work on designs / follow up meeting in Aug!

All in all, its half and half.  Not too great, but hey, its summer and having a friend in town kept me occupied…

So, whats next for August?

1. General Business meeting – finalize details for busi. cards, stationery, product lineup & packaging

2. CPA – get tax info / financial benefits to understand how best to move forward (& not get into any trouble w/ the IRS!)

3. Follow up meeting w/ busi. card/stationery client

4. Research –  postage/freight, returns/shop policies

5. Buying Day – this is kind of incorporated into the General Busi. Mtg, a general buying of supplies to get moving on the stock to create inventory and stationery things .  This is my fun / inspirational goal to get things moving in the right direction, without being too “business-y”

6. New paper feature on the blog – this is another fun goal to keep updated on whats new in the paper world and inspiration for new creative projects.  This should be a pretty easy goal!

How did everyone else do?  I hope it was a great July goals month for everyone at the Modish Monthly Goals!!

July goals – halfway point.. already?!

Wow. I can not believe that it is the halfway mark for July.  I am SO SO far behind due to hosting a friend in town and general enjoyment of summer time, and some house projects… Time to focus!!  Here’s what I’ve got planned out for July from the Modish Monthly Goals meetup

1. Print out business cards / stationery

2. Continue w/ lawyer/CPA to get situated to sell things on Etsy, craft fairs

3. Decide on product lineup for Etsy store

4. Design packaging for products

5. Meet with potential client for business card/stationery ideas (continuation from last month…)

I am going to work on the list this weekend – for serious… It is hard when its so nice in Chicago in the summer… I’m much more motivated when I’m stuck indoors with not much to do, its so much easier to focus then.  But, it is so important to be focused now too… just need to balance out the enjoying with a little more working!!  It’s definitely a motivator to have a posted list to answer to!