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The Meetup – April/May

This year feels like it is flying by!  It is getting very pretty and sunny here in Chicago – time for the May update at The Meetup

For April here’s the score-

* Finish up invitations pkg for a communion Done (check em out here)

* Design Bday card (WIP – so sort of!)

* Design Baby Congrats / shower cards Done

* Start gardening for spring (fun goal!) Done.  More pix to come, yeah for warm weather and sunlight!

For May, I will be traveling quite a bit for my FT gig, so things will be a little light around here this month, but we’ll see what we can come up with!

* Check out some calligraphy books to learn on my own until I can find a class!

*Finish up B-day card ideas

*Organize inventory of supplies & setup work space

*Take lots of pix while traveling /gardening for the blog (easy & fun!)

How was April?  I hope everyone had a great month and is ready for the beautiful spring weather & feeling happy and motivated!

Want to participate in the Meetup?  Check out Athena Designs blog to learn more about the Meetup and to check up on what these great biz ppl are up to!